Marketing plan: research infrastructure

A marketing plan to relaunch a leading centre and turn it into a benchmark for translational medicine.


A recently opened centre of research infrastructure located on a leading hospital’s campus wished to establish itself and become a beacon of excellence in its own autonomous region, nationally and across Europe. The centre needed to consolidate its viability and its profit and loss accounts.
The priorities were to: clearly define the product portfolio, segment the targeted clients, understand the sales and promotion channels and create a communication strategy.


We interviewed the centre's directors and the managers of each business line. We gathered information on the product, client segmentation, sales and promotion channels and the competition. We undertook a SWOT analysis too.
We held interviews with the centre's current, potential and external clients to generate an complementary and aseptic vision of the business.
We produced a report with a roadmap and specific actions to take in the short and medium terms to implement a marketing plan.


The organisation was able to concentrate on the marketing plan's key points. The messaging, products and communication strategy were segmented and made to measure for each business area.
The centre’s strategy was aligned to the strategy at its campus units to maximise opportunities. The communication strategy was tailored to compete in different sectors and territories.