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Commercial plan: screening method

Commercial plan: screening method

A roadmap to sell an innovative cellular screening system’s services to the pharmaceutical industry.


A start-up had developed, validated and patented a cellular screening system which offered a series of advantages over traditional systems.
It wished to promote its services to the pharmaceutical industry in the area of drug discovery as its new technology would fit best there.


We studied the scientific development in detail so that we thoroughly understood the differential aspects and produced a business case aligned to the product and company.
We created a business plan which included a market study, identification of potential (global) clients and promotional activities such as conventions to attend, in-bound marketing and publishing articles.
We implemented the roadmap ensuring that it was executed as well as possible.


The company began to receive sectoral and international recognition because of its presence at key conventions, its increased and sustained presence in networks and due to negotiations with its first potential partners.
We actively engaged in closing the first negotiations and the first service contracts, including those with international clients.
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