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Prep convenience food: Spanish subs

Prep convenience food: Spanish subs

The launch of a new operational and logistical subsidiary for food products.


A German company decided that it needed to expand its local food business in Europe.
Given this need, it analysed the Spanish market and saw the possibility of creating a Spanish subsidiary to provide commercial and logistical support.


We designed an internal management model to deal with the organisation and an external management model to deal with clients and suppliers. We defined the local operational flows in Spain and the supply chain.
We set up the subsidiary and monitored the internal and external activities to ensure that the processes were being correctly executed and that all the company’s value was benefitting its clients and suppliers.
Realizamos la puesta en marcha de la delegación y realizamos un seguimiento de las tareas internas y externas para garantizar la correcta ejecución de los procesos y la transmisión de todo el valor de la compañía a sus clientes y proveedores.


There were coordinated operations between the parent company and the subsidiary in Spain.
The creation of a subsidiary that was financially independent from the parent company. The consolidation of the management model and the stabilisation of the commercial client portfolio.
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