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Decision-making: continuous support

Decision-making: continuous support

A perfect ally for decision-making at any level.


An innovative company in the food sector requested our advice about selecting several investment projects for 12 months of operations.
The main challenge was to identify the main value levers and bring higher added value to our client by helping it make decisions.


We proposed continuous advice instead of analysing projects individually.
We improved our client’s ability and knowledge by sharing all our knowledge about investment analysis.
We changed the company’s internal decision tree structure by redefining the decision-making and completion times and so, widening the added value points to analyse.
We identified real needs and connected them to the most profitable investment projects, thus ensuring strategic alignment with the company.
We analysed their internal resources and found the best partners for them to co-develop the most suitable technology with and to reduce their time to market.


An improvement in the profitability of the investments made.
An improvement in the Innovation Department’s standing in the rest of the company’s eyes.
A repositioning of decision-making and focus centred on value levers.
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