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Start a business in supplements market

Start a business in supplements market

The design of a business plan for natural nutritional supplements, the application of an implementation plan as well as operational and strategic monitoring.


A multi-sector group analysed the possibility of investing in a new market by acquiring a company and developing a new line of nutritional supplements.
It had a limited team of sector professionals to do so. The difficulty lay in creating a new business line in a growing and highly competitive market.


We performed a preliminary analysis of the current situation and identified the market’s key factors, inherent risks and barriers to entry.
Afterwards, we defined with the client a realistic business plan. We promoted the differential value of the range of products and expressed this distinctiveness using a clear and forceful message in the communication campaign.
We proposed progressive market access by launching the product range sequentially using targeted messaging and an educational communication campaign aimed at potential clients and prescribers to demonstrate the new products’ efficacy.


We defined the medium and long-term strategy according to the current market conditions, the competition and by identifying the value chain’s profile (clients, suppliers and prescribers).
We implemented and monitored the sales channel, training service and post-sales area.
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