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Reposition your product

Reposition your product

An innovative health application for a product that was originally developed for another market.


A big food sector company was seeking to take advantage of a product that was developed for another application so that it be an ingredient aimed at products for specific treatments.
The company had no prior experience at resolving key issues such as: regulatory requirements and classification, the pre-clinical and clinical trials to develop and key market data including sales potential, stake holders, distribution chains and competitors.


We decided which was the product’s best regulatory position, ruling out food for medical use or medical devices and focussed on it as a nutritional supplement ingredient.
We defined the options to file an EFSA and FDA claim and studied the suitability of combining prescription and consumer channels.
We performed a deep market study, identifying the main products and benchmark companies in the market, potential clients and partners, as well as the best strategy to reach them.


A roadmap was created to develop pre-clinical and clinical studies, the sales channel, business potential and its associated risks.
We generated a strategy for the company to follow in order to enter a hitherto unknown market sector.
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