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A 3D Prosthetics Business Plan

A 3D Prosthetics Business Plan

A feasibility and marketing plan for a new system of bespoke 3D-printed prosthetics.


An entrepreneurial group developed software and a system to manufacture bespoke, carbon fibre prosthetics using 3D printing.
It performed pilot projects which were presented to groups of orthopaedic surgeons and the projects were well received. The group wished to define the next steps to implement a business solution.


We verified the software’s technical features, as well as the features of the 3D-printed prosthetics. We compared the product with others available on the market and focussed on defining its differential value.
We defined the ideal business model, assessing different client types from mutual insurance companies, hospitals, orthopaedics and private trauma centres.
We proposed market access in a manner that the client had not previously considered. We advised on an approach through different distribution channels and identified the value chain’s key players.


We enhanced the initial idea and adapted it to the sales channels and its associated key players.
We defined the product according to the market segment, the value chain and client profile.
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