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Expansion into emerging markets

Expansion into emerging markets

An internalisation plan designed especially for expansion in the Central Asian republics.


A pharmaceutical company was contemplating several ways to develop its business in different ex-URSS Central Asian territories.
It required advice on the best choice of partner, as well as how to exploit the opportunities in the most interesting countries and how to minimise risk.


We studied the company’s portfolio and its international experience in other markets that were nearer and more straightforward. We established the regulatory status and other characteristics such as the products’ stability to ensure that they had the potential to comply with different countries’ legislation.
We verified the suitability of several proposals available as a result of the company’s recent attendance at the most important trade fair in the sector, CPhI.
We prioritised projects by partner and territory according to the study carried out in order to maximise opportunities in both of these fields.


We worked alongside the company in its contact and negotiations with the selected partner regarding the best products and the related cost of developing them in the new territory.
We supervised the company’s interaction with the new partner to ensure different dossiers were filed with the health authorities of each selected territory.
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