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Bring new projects into your pipeline

Bring new projects into your pipeline

Validation of the inclusion policy for new R&D projects in a pharmaceutical company’s pipeline.


A SME pharmaceutical company successfully concluded preclinical R&D projects and wished to include them in its pipeline.
The R&D Director and team had several budgets at their disposal. They needed an external and objective valuation to ensure that the selection of projects would be done without favouritism and with good prospects for a future return on the investment.


We familiarised ourselves with the company’s history and its preclinical R&D Department. We studied in detail those projects and treatment areas that had been successful in the past.
We participated in several introductory rounds given by the team of scientists for new opportunities in which we asked about the technical and business development constraints.
We scored each one of the projects according to criteria established beforehand. We shortlisted projects in terms of their potential and how well aligned they were with the company’s peculiarities.


We ranked the projects that best fitted the scientific criteria, the business development needs, a possible return on investment and the company’s idiosyncrasies.
Projects for development were selected bearing in mind the possible synergies between them and balancing the risk.
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