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Finance your start-up project

Finance your start-up project.

A plan to successfully source the most suitable finance for your project.


A research group developed a new treatment for a rare disease. A non-regulatory pre-clinical trial was performed and the intellectual property was protected.
To decide on the best way to continue developing the project several things were needed: the correct business model, the right finance strategy, the correct team, suitable technological partners and appropriate financial partners.


We developed the business model and strategy to follow. We defined the most suitable way to carry out activities, the market potential that existed and the partners needed to develop the product. We did so by mentoring and offering management support to the entrepreneurial team.
We presented the project to investors and supported the subsequent negotiations that successfully concluded with a funding round for the preclinical phase.


A development plan that validated all the necessary phases and the selection of the most suitable partners for each phase of the project.
The successful conclusion of a funding round to complete the preclinical phase with the investment given on condition of the results for the clinical phases.
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