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We value your assets for due diligence

We value your assets for due diligence

An agile and efficient methodology to assess drug discovery pipelines in the due diligence process.


A specialist pharma business group needed to assess one of its companies’ pipeline for a due diligence process relating to a divestiture.
The group needed an independent and external valuation in order to have an objective point of reference for subsequent negotiations with third parties and to decide which assets should remain within the parent company.


We studied each one of the projects in the company’s pipeline in all the different therapy areas and the various development stages, including the pre-clinical and clinical phases.
We weighted the valuation according to intellectual property protection, market interest, the level of competition, each project’s degree of development, success probability and time to market.
We looked at information related to deals in the sector in order to carry out comparative deals and we generated a business case for each one the products in the pipeline.
We analyzed internal resources and look for the best partners to co-develop the appropriate technologies and reduce market access times.


A robust valuation of each one of the projects and of the company’s pipeline in general.
The pharmaceutical group was able to perform the final negotiations and due diligence process based on our report and valuation, as well as deciding which assets would be retained by the parent company.
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