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Define your financial and marketing plan

Define your financial and marketing plan

Una planificación detallada que te asegure el crecimiento sostenible, así como su implementación.


A business group from the pharma and food supplements sectors identified a new business opportunity that it wished to exploit by creating a new company.
The new company’s feasibility and sustainability needed to be guaranteed and the suitability of its value proposition had to be demonstrated. Also, it needed to correctly define the products and services to be developed.


Working closely with the parent company and the new company’s team, we studied the close cooperation opportunities with the management group. We analysed the business opportunities, the parent company’s idiosyncrasies and the synergies of the other companies in the holding company.
We drew up a marketing mix emphasising the product’s definition (which in this case was a service). We studied the competition and future clients’ possible degree of acceptance.
We planned the financial prerequisites to ensure the project’s medium-term feasibility. We defined in great detail the short-term implementation process to avoid cash-flow problems and to minimise the investment needed.


The creation of documents and a roadmap for the new company to follow so as to grow and ensure its viability.
We assisted in the management and monitoring of the new company’s first and successful implementation steps to ensure that it was aligned with the rest of the group.
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