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Develop your business internationally

Develop your business internationally

An international growth plan for a company that had been rooted previously in the Spanish nutritional supplements market.


A SME company that was well-rooted in the Spanish nutritional supplements and skin cosmetics mass markets with big chain clients like Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo and others, decided that it wanted to explore opportunities in other markets beyond Spain. It needed an internationalisation plan tailored to its ability and size.


We developed a good understanding of the product portfolio to find strengths and analyse how to exploit international opportunities. We created a detailed internationalisation plan which defined the ideal target markets, ascertained the changes needed to optimise the portfolio, reworked promotional materials and defined the best trade fairs to attend so as to contact potential clients. We performed market research in specific areas and helped the company develop its internationalisation plan further.


Penetration in EU markets with minor regulatory barriers (because of mutual recognition).
Penetration in the selected markets outside of the EU with great potential such as the MENA region.
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